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Why we are different

Fantastic outdoor space for little ones to enjoy exploring the natural world.

Wonderful staff - we know that the people who look after our children are the most important aspect of a nursery so we have recruited a wide mix of people who really care about early years learning.

Although each child is be allowed plenty of outdoor time, with a large canopy to allow outdoor play even in poor weather, there is be free flow from inside to outside so children can also choose to stay indoors if they prefer.

The children help grow food in the raised beds within easy view of the nursery, which are then used in the nursery kitchen. This has been proven to help children love fruit and vegetables.

We also use food grown on the farm where possible, from our own rare breed outdoor pork, to fruit and vegetables from Frith Farm who are based at Molescroft Farm. We will also be taking the children on walks to Frith Farm where they can help harvest the vegetables which will then be used in their meals that week.

All food served is cooked in the nursery by our fantastic cook, Caroline, and the menu is varied to allow children plenty of new flavours to give them the best start in their food choices later in life. We are not adding extra sugar or salt to the food.

We even have a barn owl box incorporated into the building with a camera so children can watch the barn owls care for their chicks in real life! This helps to strengthen their understanding of nature and nurture. Creative play is encouraged. No television is shown, apart from the occasional use of an interactive white board for the oldest children. We believe in being creators, not consumers.

Our staff are there to care for your children 100%. Unlike some other day nurseries, our staff are not expected to clean up in the afternoon. At home it may be necessary to put children in front of the TV whilst you clean or cook. We strongly believe this should not be the case in a nursery. We therefore employ cleaners to come at the start or end of the day.

What we think is important in a children's nursery

The most important thing is that the children feel loved and cherished. Everybody at the nursery has been employed due to their genuine care for children.

As part of this we feel the baby room needs to be a home-from-home and as such it has a cosier feel and is furnished as a home to help the little ones feel secure and confident.

As they get older the rooms become more open with an emphasis on children's creativity and self expression.

However care for each other is imperative and fundamental to the ethos of the nursery.

Molescroft Farm Children's Nursery

Molescroft Grange Farm, Grange Way, Beverley,
East Riding of Yorkshire, HU17 9FS
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